Information about our sake brewery tour

You can visit our brewery, which has inherited the traditional sake brewing since its establishment in 1842, and the technical succession of Yamahai-shikomi etc. In our company building more than 100 years old, we will show you the structure of beams that can withstand heavy snow in winter, the pots and steam insert pans still used today, and the facilities used as the shooting site of media such as for TV commercials and more. Also, you can sample the recommended sake (free) and purchase products, depending on the season of your visit.

Opening hours
9:00~16:00  Free tours
Opening days
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Not required
Free admission (recommended sake tasting is available)
Sale of sake
At our in-house shop We also accept delivery.
Parking lot
Opening days 8:30-17:00 TEL: 0255-72-3136


Indoor View

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